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We are a leading company in our field, delivering exact promises to every customer.

Originally, our JCCS founders were rooted in a background of biological and chemical sciences, but their passion for helping others led them further. JCCS was founded in 2018 on the grounded principles and values that its founders have built and demonstrated within their lives. Their focus; to create jobs for men and women within the Chicagoland area. Our JCCS principles begin with respecting those around us no matter our differences, providing the best quality of service within our capabilities to those who seek it, and remaining a symbol of integrity in any and all circumstances with or without a uniform. These principles speak to the moral compass that will lead JCCS to a much brighter future.

Our biggest challenge is exceeding expectations for ourselves. If we don’t hold ourselves to a level of pride that is competitive internally, how can we expect to elevate the cleaning industry standard? We are firm believers behind “Clean Services Equals Clean Relationships,” it is not just a motto. 

We pride our employees around professionalism, honesty and efficiency. But we believe our success so far has been due to self-accountability. We hold each team member to an equal level of accountability and respect that we expect from our leadership. Your complaints are our problem and we should be accountable. Our company and employees are all legally insured so we are prepared for any situation. 

JCCS has been fortunate enough to grow within the community, but most, fortunately, we’ve grown internally. We’ve multiplied our staff since JCCS was founded and we plan to continue the trend. We have successful recurring relationships with churches, manufacturing warehouse facilities to downtown office spaces and McDonald’s franchises. We’ve done numerous post-construction apartment building projects plus residential post-rehabilitation projects.